Carron Urban 1250 x 725mm Sit Bath - Carronite

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  • Carron Urban Sit Bath 1250mm x 725mm

    5mm Thick Acrylic or upgrade to Carronite

    20 year guarantee or 30 year guarantee for Carronite baths

    Taps can only be fitted to the side of the bath


    Why choose Carronite?

    Carronite is an advanced reinforcement applied to Carron acrylic baths, developed and patented by Carron Bathrooms. A Carron bath is reinforced and is capable of withstanding far greater stresses than a conventional acrylic bath. After a bath has been reinforced , it has a strength and rigidity normally associated with a cast iron or heavy guage steel bath, while enjoying all the benefits in finish, design and ease of care of modern acrylic baths.

    A unique triple layer reinforcement system. This additional weight means the bath requires to be fitted with a unique support cradle system. The combination of the cradle system and the material ensure the rigidity and stability of the bath.

    Carronite baths retain heat for approx. 20 minutes longer than a standard acrylic bath.

    Made in the UK

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