Burlington Admiral Freestanding Bath 1640 x 710mm

Sale price$3,464.00


Burlington's Admiral Freestanding Bathtub brings in a visual splendour like no other, offering the promise of pleasurable daily soaks. This lovely bathroom beauty is lacquered in white and is manufactured from high quality acrylic, it retains water heat for long and affords cosy, relaxing baths. Features pre-drilled top overflow but no tap template, it is suitable for use with freestanding taps. A traditional design gives it a regal appearance that will make it the centre of your attention in any bathroom. Cannot be used with rim-mounted taps, it is backed by ten years of guarantee from the manufacturer.

Key features:

  • Size: Length 1640mm x Width 705mm x Height 710mm
  • Comes in white finish
  • Traditional design
  • Constructed from TSFR
  • Water capacity: 169 litres
  • Displaced capacity: 99 litres [bath's capacity less 70 litres]
  • Not suitable for use with rim-mounted taps
  • Top overflow hole is pre-drilled, no tap template
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • 10 years of guarantee from the manufacturer

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