Cityspace Close Coupled Toilet (With Soft Close Seat)

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This Cityspace close coupled toilet inc soft-close seat combines European styles that work in perfect harmony. Defined lines are contrasted by smooth curves to create an innovative, space saving, style-conscious toilet.

Features and benefits

• Soft close, quick release seat 
• Ideal for smaller spaces projecting just 615mm 
• Water efficient dual flush fittings 
• Easy to clean design 
• Part of the Cityspace coordinated range

What’s included

1 x toilet toilet
1 x Soft close seat
1 x All fittings 

Want to know more?

The Cityspace toilet pan has a short projection of only 615mm from the wall, making it a brilliant addition to smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms, while also retaining its suitability for larger bathroom settings. Its overall height is only 800mm, so it can fit under window sills or shelves, further emphasising its space saving capabilities.

The Cityspace has a clean styling which not only makes it one of the most popular toilets in our range, but it also makes this toilet particularly easy to clean.

Adding to its design innovations, the outlet of the Cityspace toilet's bowl is set further back than most toilets which helps to keep the bowl clean.  It is one of the few toilets in the UK to include this European feature, ensuring the pan's area is maximised internally and functions practically.

The cistern includes dual flush cistern fittings, which has a 3 and 6 litre flush option, which adds to the efficiency of this toilet and saves water.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes soft close, quick release seat
  • Ideal for smaller spaces projecting just 615mm
  • Includes water efficient dual flush fittings
  • Easy to clean design
  • Part of the Cityspace coordinated range

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