ClearWater Modern Florenza Clear Stone Freestanding Bath 1828 x 864mm

Sale price$2,082.00


The Clearwater Florenza Clearstone Freestanding Bath is a remarkably simple, stand-alone design that fits in beautifully to any bathroom due to its lovely, clean white finish. Crafted from a sedimentary stone composite with Gibbsite mineral filler, this unit is amazingly durably constructed and is certain to keep looking wonderful for a long time, and many uses, to come.

A sleek look that includes no overflow as well as no tap holes, this product is not suitable for use with rim-mounted taps and looks especially lovely placed underneath a chic and compatible tap design.

Key features:

  • Comes in white finish
  • No tap holes
  • Product Type: ClearStone
  • Material: Sedimentary stone composite with Gibbsite mineral filler
  • Size : Length 1828mm x Width 864mm x Height 569mm
  • Displaced capacity : 300 litres (bath's capacity less 70 litres)
  • Weight : 93 kg
  • No overflow
  • Not suitable for rim-mounted taps
  • 10 years guarantee

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