ClearWater Modern Formoso Petite Clear Stone Freestanding Bath 1500 x 800mm

Sale price$2,588.00


The Clearwater Formoso Petite 1500mm ClearStone Freestanding Bath is covered with a 10 year manufactures guarantee, filling you with confidence when choosing a Clearwater product.

All Clearwater baths are designed to using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials which is skin safe. The baths are also non-porous and resistant to staining and discolouration, with good thermal insulation the water temperature will stay hotter for longer.

Each Clearwater bath is hand made by three people. It takes over ten hours to hand polish every bath. The baths are 'one piece solid surface baths' meaning there are no joins. The baths retain that brand new look for many years as small scratches/blemishes can easily be removed.

The Clearwater baths are hand polished during manufacturing resulting in a stunning white finish for a truly eye catching piece in your bathroom. The baths are also coated with an easy clean material with high resistance against bacteria, mold, and dirt.

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