ClearWater Modern Patinato Petite Clear Stone Freestanding Bath 1524 x 800mm

Sale price$2,192.00


Clearwater Patinato Petite ClearStone Freestanding Bath is a fashionable and functional bathtub, just right for spacious bathroom spaces. If you need to place your bath anywhere, you want in the room there is no better choice than one of these smooth and stylish freestanding designs. A lovely look that boasts a crisp white finish, this product doesn't include any tap holes or overflow and is suitable for use with deck mounted taps. Created from a gorgeous sedimentary stone composite with a Gibbsite mineral filler, this product will be sure to stand out from the rest of your bathroom furniture and appliances with ease.

Key features:

  • Comes in white finish
  • No tap holes
  • Suitable for deck mounted taps
  • Product Type: ClearStone
  • Material: Sedimentary stone composite with Gibbsite mineral filler
  • Size : Length 1524mm x Width 800mm x Depth 425mm
  • Overall Height : 550mm
  • Weight : 85kg
  • No overflow - Template provided for drilling overflow
  • Displaced capacity : 204 litres (bath's capacity less 70 litres)
  • 10 years guarantee

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