Creavit Free Rimless Wall Hung Pan with Soft Close Seat & Cover

Sale price£394.99


Free Rimless Wall Hung Toilet from Creavit has its own bidet function and comes with a compatible soft close toilet seat and cover.

  • Includes soft close toilet seat
  • Optional bidet function on/off taps
  • Optional thermostatic mixing valve
  • Optional complete flushing systems

Free Rimless Wall Hung Bidet Toilet is one of the best selling models of the Free series, which is seen as Creavit's designer series. Produced from high quality material with its unique design, this bidet toilet can be cleaned very easily because it is Rimless. Like any wall hung bidet toilet, it will give your bathroom a spacious, tidy and luxurious look. Its design is modern as well as its dimensions are suitable for traditional usage habits. With a seat height of 400 mm, the width of the toilet is 353 mm and its depth is 510 mm. Also a compatible soft close toilet seat will come with your order included in the total price.

Bidet Valves & Thermostatic Valve

Free Rimless Wall Hung Bidet Toilet has its own integrated bidet function and requires an on / off valve to manage the bidet water flow. For more comfort, you can connect hot water to the integrated bidet function. However, in this case, we recommend a thermostatic mixing valve to control the temperature of the water. The thermostatic mixing valve mixes cold and hot water, ensuring that it does not come out above the temperature you desire. This way, you will protect the bidet toilet user from the danger of scalding.

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