Creavit Lara Wall Hung Pan with Soft Close Seat

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Creavit offers a range of toilets with built in bidets, providing undoubted functionality and superior luxury. With this Lara gienic combined bidet toilet, you can replace your existing toilet without any of the complications and costs of installing a separate bidet. With a simple push of a button, a lever of jet water is delivered at a pre-set angle from the in-built bidet sanitary system, meaning that it couldn't possibly be easier to use.

What's more, these combined toilet bidets are ideal for smaller bathrooms as they remove the requirement for a separate, space consuming bidet, by providing an all in one bidet and toilet solution.

The Lara combined toilet is a practical and simple alternative, and the ideal space saving solution for any installation.

Key features:

  • Wall Hung Pan (Projection 550mm)
  • Soft Close Seat

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