Creavit Vitroya Open Back Pan with Cistern & Soft Close Seat

Sale price$436.00


Vitroya Close Coupled Toilet from Creavit has its own bidet function and comes with a compatible soft close toilet seat and cover.

  • Includes soft close toilet seat
  • Includes close coupled toilet cistern
  • Optional on/off valves for bidet function
  • Optional thermostatic mixing valve for bidet function

Vitroya Close Coupled Bidet Toilet is produced with an open back and 407 mm seating height to apply to traditional toilet habits. With its 650 mm depth and 360 mm width, it fits in small bathrooms as well as large ones. Because you won't need to buy an external bidet thanks to the integrated bidet function; you can save space, budget and toilet paper.

A compatible soft closing toilet seat is also included in the product price. Supporting a healthier cleaning with water the bidet function is controlled by a wall mounted on/off valve. If a hot water connection is to be made, the thermostatic mixing valve is a practical and economical option to balance the temperature of the water.

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