Fussion Chrome 900 Wall Hung Basin Unit - Choose Colour

Color: Sbiancato
Sale price£449.99



Height: 540mm

Width: 1010mm

Depth: 450mm


The FUSSION CHROME range lets you give your bathroom a personal touch thanks to the detail of its elegant handles available in 3 different finishes.



This suspended model has two large wooden drawers in carbon fibre textile finish of high quality and strength, as with the interior of the entire furniture. It also has invisible extra extension guides and brake closing for your convenience.

The upper drawer has a gap to allow the washbasin to be fitted and an organiser included in the price, while the second drawer has a full space to store all your personal hygiene products.



The FUSSION CHROME range furniture can be combined with the different Fussion Chrome 2-drawer vanity units (250 mm and 400 mm) and other Fussion Chrome furniture and Alliance accessories.

The price for this furniture unit does not include a tap, waste or handle.

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