Banyetti Kaduro Matt Black Double Drawer Wall Hung Vanity Unit 800mm

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The Matt Black finish refers to a smooth, non-glossy surface with a black color tone, offering a modern and clean aesthetic that can complement various bathroom styles, from contemporary to minimalist.

These vanity units are often constructed from durable materials such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard) ensuring longevity and resistance to moisture damage. The matt finish not only adds a sleek look but also helps to conceal fingerprints and watermarks, making maintenance easier.

Features of a typical matt black vanity unit may include soft-close drawers for quiet operation, integrated handles for a seamless appearance, and a spacious countertop for placing bathroom essentials or decorative items.

Key features:

  • Bathroom cabinet suspended of two drawers Opening by means of a handle
  • Textile drawers with soft close, the superior one counts with a siphon saver
  • Hidden guide Hettich
  • Melamine 16 mm
  • Assembled furniture
  • Available measures: 60, 80 cm
  • Include brackets and hardware to hang it on the wall
  • Includes Basin

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