Mira Shower White & Chrome Elite SE Pumped Electric Shower - Select Power

Power Kilowatts: 9.8kW
Sale price£352.99


Perfect for late-night shower users, Mira Elite SE Pumped electric showers boasts a silent showering performance whilst still delivering a strong and consistent flow. This innovative shower is available in both 9.8kW and 10.8kW options so you can find the perfect shower for your home. Benefiting from a stylish design of white and chrome, this shower will look fantastic in any modern styled bathroom.

With its simple to use controls, simply just press the on/off button to activate the flow and adjust the flow and temperature with the handy separate controls – it’s never been easier to have your dream shower. The large shower head features 4 innovative spray patterns that allow for greater coverage and a more personalised experience, this is the perfect option for families where each person prefers something different when it comes to their showering experience.

We all know how tedious it can be keeping up with a cleaning routine, especially when you’re part of a busy family who is constantly up and about, so we’re sure you’re glad to hear that Mira Elite SE Pumped Electric showers feature Mira Clean-flo filter. This filter is designed to be easily accessible which allows for self-cleaning which in turn will maintain a powerful shower performance without the worry of limescale build-up!

For complete peace of mind, this shower is covered by Mira’s brilliant 2-year guarantee so you can rest assured you and your shower are in safe hands!

Features and benefits:

  • A sleek and stylish modern design
  • Easy to use controls
  • On/off push button & separate flow and temperature controls
  • Powerful performance
  • Suitable for a low-pressure water supply
  • Quiet Mark approved pump
  • Large 4 spray showerhead
  • Features Mira Clean-flo
  • Easy to install
  • 2-year guarantee

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