Triton T80z Thermostatic Fast-Fit Electric Shower

Sale price£379.99


The T80Z Thermostatic Fast-Fit uses the Dura-FlowTM technology for a longer lasting shower, making it ideal for hard water areas. With all the installation benefits of the Fast- Fit but with precise thermostatic temperature control, this T80 is ideal for busy households where someone is always using water, whether flushing the toilet or running a tap.

Key features:

  • 8 water and 6 cable entry points

  • Push button Start/ Stop

  • Swing-FitTM terminal for left and right-hand side cable connections

  • Swivel-FitTM - A 180° fully reversible water inlet for left and right- hand side water connections

  • Riser rail shower kit with adjustable fixing centre

  • 5 spray pattern rub clean shower head

  • 1.25m anti twist hose

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