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Trojancast explained

Trojancast is a substantial reinforcement process for our acrylic baths. This reinforcement process results in each bath being incredibly strong and hard-wearing. This gives the reminiscent assurance of a cast iron bath but with the natural warmth and quality of acrylic.

The intensive reinforcement processes and final ‘flow coat’ jacket to the entire underside of the bath add strength and insulating properties. This keeps bath water hotter for longer.

Trojancast is a process applied in a purpose built factory separate from other production areas. It has been equipped with the latest technologies and is run by a team of dedicated and specially trained personnel.


At each stage of production every bath is checked to ensure it has reached our exceptionally high standards. Once we’re confident each bath has met our criteria, a quality assurance label is stamped and placed on the back of the bath, where it remains until received by the customer.

Added Value

All Trojancast baths come with our luxury fittings pack. In addition to wall brackets and centre foot & bracket, standard fittings are upgraded to M12 threads (from M10), 12mm Feet (from M10 feet), 500mm steel cross sections (from tubular cradles) and two jacklegs giving front rim support. The guarantee on the bath is also increased from the standard 25 years to a 30 year guarantee.

In Summary

• Trojancast is an outstanding, heavily reinforced bath with a distinctive reinforced green finish on the underside

• Specially trained and dedicated personnel working in a modern factory with the latest manufacturing and monitoring equipment ensure each bath is finished to the highest standards

• A Trojancast bath has the associated strength of a cast iron bath but with all the benefits of a modern material

• Trojancast is available on all bath models

• All Trojancast baths have an encapsulated baseboard with the final flow coat adding superior strength and insulating properties

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