Veneto 1000 Basin

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This Veneto inset washbasin is made of white porcelain and has a rectangular shaped sink with fine lines.

The Salgar exclusive design Veneto series is made of white porcelain and is notable for its lasting shine and pure white colour; this is unchanged after contact with most chemical products and is very resistant to scratches. It is a recyclable material and so helps to take care of the environment.

If you are looking to maximise the size of the sink, the VENETO family should be your choice, as it is notable for its wide sink with fine lines, offering style, character and personality to your bathroom.


Veneto 610 mm (1 sink) = 600 mm furniture unit

Veneto 810 mm (1 sink) = 800 mm furniture unit

Veneto 1010 mm (1 sink) = 1000 mm furniture unit

Veneto 1210 mm (1 sink) = 1200 mm furniture unit

Dimensions: 610 / 810 / 1010 / 1210 mm x 460 mm and 120 mm thick.

The price is for the sink only.

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